Care Advice


Most people know how to wash cotton sheets, but if not here goes …

We recommend washing separately before first use. Wash whites on their own, and use a warm gentle machine wash - 40° is fine. 55° is the temperature at which those infamous dust mites are killed and so won’t harm occasionally. Higher temperatures can damage the yarn. Don’t leave them too long in the machine, and either line dry or warm tumble dry.  Warm iron on the reverse.

Don’t bleach and avoid opticl brighteners – leave them to paper manufacturers.

Dry cleaning is fine too.


Washing softens and brightens linen, and temperatures up to 60° are fine. Any higher and you’ll spoil the fabric. It is remarkably absorbent – capable of taking up twice its weight before it drips, so don’t cram the machine.

And don’t tumble dry unless you want it creased. Better not to leave it in the washing machine; get it out, straighten it, and hang it up. They say hanging linen in bright sunlight keeps its whiteness too. A hot iron on damp linen will give you the best finish, unless you like the crumpled look – and linen crumples beautifully.

If you want to be purist and have the time, iron on the wrong side first to get rid of the creases, and then on the right side to enhance its natural sheen.


Towelling material should ALWAYS be washed before first use.

Wash towels normally at 40° - but they can take 60° and even more, especially if someone has decided to use them for removing make-up rather than drying bodies. Dry cleaning is pointless.

Do not use bleach, and wash dark colours separately.

To keep towels soft and fluffy, tumble drying is best.  If line-drying, don't overdo it, unless you like sandpaper.

Biological powders contain natural enzymes that chop up proteins and fats. These have not been allergenic since the 1970's, but they are largely ineffective above 40°.

Towels have looped threads which occasionally break : just cut them off.


The best advice we can give you is NOT to wash feather filled duvets and pillows at home but to take them to a commercial laundry.

Dry cleaning is pointless.



We think it is fine to put these in a machine at no more than 50° and to tumble dry at a low heat. Or, better, to air dry.